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I tripled my monthly income when I graduated from Virtual Assistant to Systems Strategist…​and I want to show you how to do it too.

Niche to Scale is the program designed to provide you with the complete framework + hands-on support so you can CONFIDENTLY niche your services to Dubsado setups.

If you’re ready to learn how to ditch the client overwhelm and build a sustainable + profitable project-based business — this program is for you!

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Transform your business from underpaid helper to Sought out Expert!

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NICHE to SCALE (2).png
NICHE to SCALE (2).png

The Virtual Assistant trap is real...

If you feel like you’re hustling at all hours just trying to make ends meet, you’re not alone. I felt the same way - starved for time, feeling frustrated and completely exhausted.


Virtual Assistance starts out as a great way to make money, but if you're like me, you quickly realized that to meet your revenue goals, you'll have to work long days and extra hours on the weekends.

Not why we started our own business!

The Problem with Hourly Rates:

As a general VA, your job is so varied that it’s impossible to package price, right?

Unfortunately, you’re correct there. 


Your biggest strength is also your biggest weakness. As a VA, you can do almost anything. But then your clients come in with a million different requests and it feels like you’re reinventing the wheel with every single one of them.


That’s cuz you are.

Round Clock

How to Unchain Yourself from the Clock

Is it just you or does it seem like all your peers are sharing their wins and how they booked out their services, landed a new client and have a choice on who to work with?


Psst! It’s not just you. They’ve discovered the best kept secret in VA work - niching down.

Niching Down? You Mean Offering Less? That Sounds Scary.

It sounds scary but it’s really not, I promise. Let’s think it through for a hot sec.


With a more focused offer, you call in a more focused client. And that means that instead of reinventing the wheel every time you talk to someone new, you end up with a repeatable structure you can offer to every single client that comes in.


Niching down also gives you what is the GOLDEN NUGGET of marketing:


Knowing your offer. When you are crystal clear on your offer, you make it clear in your messaging. And that message will begin to call in EXACTLY the clients you’re looking for.

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is for you if you’ve ever felt frustrated, overwhelmed, underpaid, trying to do all the things for your clients, while putting in long hours & late nights, and if you’re ready to:

Confidently craft an offer for a potential client that only includes what you actually like to do

Inject extra revenue into your monthly income from one off projects along-side retainer clients

Raise your rates because you're offering a specialty service

Spend more time doing what you love instead of behind a desk completing administrative tasks

I want you to know, it's all possible.

Inside Niche to Scale, I walk you through all the steps to take your business from overwhelmed, stressed, and constantly “out of time” to streamlined, confident, and focused on one niche service that earns you a worthwhile income.

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Systems can not only create a sustainable + profitable business for your clients, but they can offer a sustainable + profitable business for you too.


Image by Element5 Digital

Ever Wished You Could “Clone Yourself”?


You Totally Can.

In every discussion around scaling you are bound to hear the expression, “you just need to clone yourself” - but it often comes with a bit of a giggle. Because it’s impossible to do, right? 




When you effectively establish systems for your clients, the systems become your clones. They’re able to carry on doing the things your clients want you to do - but they do them on AUTOPILOT.


Listen, only you know what you’re really good at. 


But what I want to offer you is the first, most dependable step into niching down, and I know it works, because I’ve built my entire business around it.


You’ve been swimming around in this market for a while now. You know generally what most entrepreneurs need because they’re literally telling you. LISTEN! 


If you can take the listening a tiny bit further, you’ll notice that even though the individual tasks are different, they’re all asking for the same things...

NICHE to SCALE (2).png
NICHE to SCALE (2).png

What VA’S Do

  • Take care of repeatable tasks

  • Establish efficiency

  • Remember stuff!

  • Stay organized 

  • Offer support where busy business owners need it most

  • Give entrepreneurs more freedom to focus on their genius zone

What Systems Do

  • Take care of repeatable tasks

  • Establish efficiency

  • Remember stuff!

  • Stay organized 

  • Offer support where busy business owners need it most

  • Give entrepreneurs more freedom to focus on their genius zone

NICHE to SCALE (2).png

Are you ready to niche to Dubsado setups to scale your business?

Image by Xiong Yan

By the end of this program you'll have a fully built out business structure that includes:


We will build out your entire process of working with clients, from lead capture to offboarding (and beyond), so you can hit the ground running with a solid foundation.




Part of a solid foundation is knowing your numbers. You'll walk away with fully built offers priced to sustain & scale your business (think no more low paying generic tasks)!



You get access to ALL my templates and swipe files, along with licencing to customize and use with your own client projects. This includes over 100 canned emails, and all forms & questionnaires!


Not only do you get a complete project management framework designed to easily track and monitor project progress, but you'll get my exact template for Asana. Great for outsourcing parts of your setup to a team!


You also get access to:

  • 6 bi-weekly hot seat Q&A calls

  • Private Slack Channel for Homework Feedback & Community Connection

  • Dubsado specific tech vault with a TON of training videos

  • Special offers from industry partners

  • BONUS: Marketing your business training to attract high-level clients


If you're ready to Niche to Scale so that you can build a sustainable project based business, get on the waitlist!

Niche to Scale offers you all the tools you need to help you transition into system setups seamlessly & confidently.

Untitled design (71).png


Untitled design (73).png

+ access to all my swipe files! 


✔️Pre-recorded modules (valued at $497)

✔️6 LIVE hot seat Q&A coaching calls (valued at $1997)

✔️Licencing for my Templates + Project Boards (valued at $3000)

✔️Private Slack Group (valued at $700)

✔️BONUS: Access to the tech vault (valued at $297)

✔️BONUS: Links to special resources from industry experts (valued at $97+)




Inside this module we'll cover the foundational pieces that your business is built on. We'll walk through the fundamentals to an effective workflow, project management principles and you'll learn how to build out your sustainably priced product suite. 




You'll learn my signature 5-part workflow framework and we'll cover every step in your own workflow - from lead capture to offboarding. We leave nothing out - pre-qualifying your leads, what boundaries to enforce, inclusivity and all the tools and templates you'll need to effectively work with your clients. You'll finish with a fully built out workflow so you're ready to work with clients right away.




We'll cover positioning yourself as an expert in your industry and some key ways to get in front of your ideal client. Because mindset is a key factor in your success, we'll also be covering the foundations you need to have in place to stay in your zone of genius.




You'll get access to a vault of tutorials and best-practices not taught in the Dubsado 101 course. It includes everything from setting up your branding, to how to create your assets, and even sample workflows for different industires.


NICHE to SCALE (2).png
NICHE to SCALE (2).png
NICHE to SCALE (2).png

Get on the waitlist!


Hi, I'm Amanda


I teach virtual assistants how to go from offering "all the things" to niche down to Dubsado set-ups, so they can scale their income and spend less time on client work.


If you've been looking for a step by step framework to add systems setups as a signature service in your business, Niche to Scale gives you all the processes I've used to help my business grow to consistent $6k+ months, so you can implement without wasting time.

NICHE to SCALE (2).png

Who is this Program best suited for?

This program is ideal for you if:

  • You’re a Virtual Assistant who wants to reduce your client load and supplement your services with project based, high-level Dubsado Setups

  • You want to pare down your product suite from “all the things”, and simplify your offers

  • You’re still working on an hourly basis and are looking for a new way of working that allows you to earn the income you desire

  • You’re constantly overbooked, leaving you no time to enjoy the time freedom running your own business was meant to provide

  • You want a step by step process that allows you to hit the ground running as a Dubsado Setup Professional when you’ve finished the program.

  • You are a strategic thinker and love tech and processes

  • You would love to work with me one-on-one but it’s not possible right now - this is the next best thing!

Who is this Program NOT for?

  • Someone just starting their business who doesn’t have a consistent client revenue or has no idea who their ideal client is

  • Someone who has never used a Client Relationship Management System like Dubsado or Honeybook. Although this does teach some technical skills, it is not meant to teach you the systems from scratch.

  • The Virtual Assistant who does not enjoy tech or figuring out automation - there’s nothing wrong with that, but this program is not for you. 


A few FAQs...


There are so many Dubsado courses out there,

what's different about this one?


This isn't just another Dubsado course.

This is a complete framework showing you how to set up your entire system's business from someone who has niched down to system setups too.

You'll learn how to price and construct your offers, how to build a product suite at different price points, so you can reach more customers where they are at.

You'll get my complete onboarding process, learn how to lay proper boundaries right from the start and we'll cover outsourcing, marketing and project management.


It's literally my entire business in a box.

And once you've been through the course, you'll be added to my referral list.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, and I don't promise that it will be easy. It's going to take work from your end.


But, this course will give you an entire framework to set you up for success.

So what are you waiting for? If you're ready to Niche to Scale, I'd love to help you along your journey. 

Sign up for the waitlist below.

See you inside!

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