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  • Amanda Bellamy

3 Ways to Start Automating your Workflow

Have you ever been onboarding a client then found yourself daydreaming about being on the beach, becoming completely immersed in your vision of the sunshine, hot sand under your feet, soothing waves… and focusing a little (or a lot) less on what you’re actually doing?

Then the guilt sets in because it’s not that you aren’t absolutely thrilled at signing your new client, it’s just that the steps you take to complete the onboarding process are so repetitive.

This, my friend, is most likely something that could be automated.

If you’ve been putting off incorporating a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system like Dubsado into your business because it seems too complicated or impersonal, I hope this article entices you to change your mind.

The Truth About Automation

Automation doesn’t have to be cold; it really isn’t intimidating if you simplify where to start, and it doesn’t have to be perfect to begin incorporating into your business.

Keeping the warmth in your workflow: The reason why my CRM of choice is Dubsado is that it gives you the ability to customize almost every aspect of the system so that it is branded distinctly to your business.

By using canned emails that contain a dose of personality, or by incorporating thoughtful questions on your forms, you can create a personalized experience that makes your clients feel welcomed and cared for throughout their customer journey.

And if your forms are styled to match your branding, when your clients go from your website to your system they won’t even notice, creating a white-glove experience.

Simplifying where to start: another great reason to use Dubsado in your business is that even when you start small, it helps eliminate manual steps almost instantly.

If we go back to the onboarding example, you can start off with one simple feature – the Proposal. By connecting a Proposal, Contract, and selecting “show invoice” in the Proposal settings, you’ll eliminate a total of 3 – 5 steps in your onboarding. When the client submits the Proposal, they automatically get the contract and subsequently Dubsado generates the invoice too.

Once you familiarize yourself with this process, you can move into incorporating other pieces into your workflow!

Perfection halts Progress: what you choose to automate doesn’t have to be perfect before you start implementing a little in your workflow. I encourage you to take one small step towards the automation experience because by not exploring automation at all, you’re missing out on all the benefits it can provide you.

To sum it up, imagine instead of dreaming you’re on a beach while you’re onboarding your new client, you are actually on the beach while your client is being onboarded by your system.

Automation has the power to make that happen!

If you been on the fence but want to learn more, feel free to hit reply to this email or book a call with me here. I'd love to help you get started!

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