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  • Amanda Bellamy

7 Reasons Why You Need Dubsado in Your Business

There’s not a lot that can save you as much time, make you as much money, or help you as much as an automated system.

My automation tool of choice is Dubsado! It’s not the easiest to figure out or set up (that’s why people hire me to do it for them!) but it’s worth the effort. I promise! I’ve talked to some of my clients and drawn from my own experience to put together this list of 7 Reasons You Need Dubsado in Your Business.

So if you haven't taken the leap and invested in Dubsado for your business, scroll through to see what you’re missing out on.

If at the end of this article, you decide Dubsado is right for your business, use the code "amandabellamy" at check-out to receive an additional 20% off your first month or year! 

1. Dubsado will save you hours of work.

When I talk about Dubsado saving you time, I’m not kidding. One of my clients found she was saving 3-5 hours EVERY WEEK just from implementing the workflows I created for her. What could you do with 3 extra hours every week? (That’s 12 extra hours a month.) You could take on extra client work, spend more time playing with your kids, create a new course, or sip a cocktail and relax.

The automation available through custom workflows mean you can send emails, proposals, reminders, invoices, and request documents without ever lifting a finger. Every repeatable process in your business can be automated so you can spend time working with clients and actually growing your business!

2. It gives your clients a seamless, professional experience.

Gone are the days of sending ugly contracts and having to send dozens of emails to share information with clients. Dubsado allows you to send bundled proposals, contracts, and invoices which makes it easier for your client to say “Yes!” to working with you. You can also create a private client portal where you can share important information and keep everyone updated without sending a single email.

3. Dubsado helps you charge premium prices.

“I finally felt comfortable charging the prices I knew I should charge once I had Dubsado set up in my business. It made me look and feel professional and gave me the confidence to charge premium prices.” -Emily C.

That’s an actual quote from one of my clients. She more than doubled her prices – and booked out her services at her new rates – after her Dubsado set up was complete. Being able to keep things organized, automated, and branded gives you the edge you need to charge what your services are really worth.

4. Tracking your finances is a breeze.

Dubsado isn’t just about contracts, invoices, and workflows. It’s also a super convenient bookkeeper. It tracks your unpaid invoices, sends automated reminders when payments are missed, and shows you all of your income streams. You can use the analytics provided to see where you make the most money and which offers are your highest performers. You can also connect your Dubsado account to QuickBooks to make paying taxes effortless and quick!

5. Dubsado helps streamline your programs and apps.

Instead of using a calendar scheduling tool, a calendar tool, an invoicing program, an email provider, and an e-sign tool, Dubsado handles all of that in one place. You only need one log-in! The scheduling tool is highly customizable and the calendar can sync with your Google calendar so everything is always up-to-date. You can close out those 14 tabs open and do everything out of one place. Sounds kind of dreamy, right?

6. You can use Dubsado forms on your website for ultimate response times.

When someone fills out the contact form on your website, how long does it take you to respond? 6 hours? 24 hours? Maybe a week because you lost the email in the shuffle? We’ve all been there. But when you use a customized Dubasado form on your contact page, you can actually respond immediately, even if you’re sleeping when someone fills it out. I have clients who have booked discovery calls before they even knew someone had filled out their contact form!

You can also include questions in your form to help you weed out potential clients who aren’t a good fit for your business without wasting a single second.

7. It helps you track your leads to close more deals and focus on marketing that works.

Dubsado allows you to tag every lead with where they came from: Instagram, website, email list, etc. This helps you look at your client breakdown to see which channels are the most successful and which don’t yield many results. When you have this kind of breakdown, you can direct your energy and resources to the marketing sources that work for you! No more wasting money or time on things that don’t bring in actual paying clients.

So there you have it. Dubsado is kind of like hiring a magician for your business. Or an assistant who never sleeps and is always on time. However you look at it, Dubsado has revolutionized the businesses of my clients and it has allowed me to create a work-life balance I never dreamed was possible.

If you’re ready to see these powerful assets at work in your own business, let’s get started!

Want to learn more about what Dubsado can offer you? Visit their official site HERE!

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