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  • Amanda Bellamy

Creating efficiency is key

Wanna know what my favourite word is? 


I've always been a person that had a knack for finding the fastest, most streamlined version of doing things. 

The corporate world didn't always appreciate this, because changing procedures required a lot of review from many different people, and usually took months to get approved. The great part about it though, was that once they were approved, the actual work would get done in a better way AND all the time spent upfront identifying those efficiencies paid off in the end. 

This practice also helped me immensely in my current business! Now I get paid for diving into workflows and figuring out what areas can be moved around or cut from the process altogether. How cool is that?

A great way to add in a TON of efficiency to your business is through automation! 

A few examples that come to mind: 

  • Shopping carts and membership sites automate your sales and content delivery.

  • Email autoresponders automate relationship building.

  • Calendar apps automate your schedule, putting an end to the frustrating back and forth of setting appointments.

  • Dubsado manages your onboarding without skipping a beat.

Not only does automation save you time, but it helps ensure quality and consistency too. This is why automation tools exist—to keep everything running smoothly and as expected.

I want to challenge you this week to think of some ways you can incorporate automated systems and workflows into the back end of your business!

Map out your workflows, find the steps that look the same every time you work with a client, and add in automation to those areas. When you have a plan, find me over on Instagram and DM me with questions or tag me to show me what you're incorporating! 

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

PS. Need some workflow help? Inside a 1:1 strategy session we can go over existing workflows, or audit the current ones you have to make them better. Find more information about a 1:1 HERE

If you know someone who may benefit from this service, please feel free to forward this email on. Let them know to tell me you've sent them, so I can send over a referral thank you!

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