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Improve your Dubsado onboarding workflow with a Questionnaire

A great onboarding workflow can help you provide a more satisfying customer service experience with a new client, right from the beginning of your working relationship.

When designing your onboarding workflow, it's important to include an immediate action after your new client has signed on with you. This will show you're not only paying attention to them but also gives them something to do while they wait for the next step to play out.

If you aren't in agreement with me, consider this:

When you go out to eat at a restaurant, you've probably noticed that servers have a routine they follow when you first arrive, right? You sit down at a table, get your menu and place a drink order. When your server leaves, you're content because you have something to do right away, and at the same time, you feel like your needs are being tended to.

If you had to wait for your menu and you weren't able to order a drink right away, you'd probably start to get anxious and a little annoyed. The longer you wait, the more annoyed you feel, and your customer service experience is tainted right from the start.

It's the same when you're onboarding a new client.

By sending out an intake questionnaire right away inside your onboarding email, you reduce your response time between when a client completes their proposal, signs the contract and pays the invoice. You acknowledge your client right away, and just like when you get that menu as soon as you sit down at a table in a restaurant, you give them the impression that things are happening.

If you aren't sure how to send out a questionnaire inside your onboarding email, don't worry. I'm going to walk you through how to do it here.

Pro tip: Before you start with the instructions below, make sure you have your questionnaire created already. You can make this by going to the Templates section, under the Questionnaires header inside Forms.

Let's start with the onboarding email.

In all of my workflows, I have an onboarding questionnaire directly inside my welcome email, that triggers right after the invoice is paid. This allows me to gather all of the information I need to work with my client on their project, right away.

My onboarding emails always look a little something like this:

You can create your onboarding email under the Templates menu, inside the Canned Email section.

Make sure to use a smart field {{form|formLink}} inside your email. The smart field is needed so that your email can be populated with the questionnaire once it's part of the workflow.

I'll show you what I mean in the step below.

The workflow trigger.

Now that you have your questionnaire and Welcome email created, head over to the "Templates" tab again, select "Workflow" and name your workflow something you will recognize later.

To have your questionnaire go out to the client automatically after the voice is paid, remember to choose the action you want to use. 

Intuitively, we want to pick "send email", but we should actually choose "send form" instead, and then add the canned "Welcome" email within this action. 

Like this:

You can have your onboarding email go out immediately after the invoice is paid or you might choose to create a slight delay by a few hours, but the point is to have it go out to the client within a reasonable time frame after they've signed on with you.

Your workflow will look something like the one pictured below:

There you have it!

A great onboarding workflow can help you provide a more satisfying customer service experience with a new client, right from the beginning of your working relationship, and having a questionnaire trigger should always be a part of the process.

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