Add System Setups to your product suite and transform your business from  underpaid helper  to Sought out Expert!

Systems to Scale is my signature hybrid group program, designed to provide you the right framework + LIVE hands-on support, so you can CONFIDENTLY add system setups to your product suite.

Does it feel like everyone else has a secret to scaling their Virtual Assistant business?


It seems like all your peers are sharing their wins and how they booked out their services, landed a new client and have a choice on who to work with.

Meanwhile, you're hustling at all hours just trying to make ends meet. You have no more time to trade for dollars, and you're feeling frustrated and completely exhausted.

Working days turn into long work nights, and you're putting in extra hours on the weekends,


but you still aren’t taking home enough because your hourly rate is just too low to bring in what you need to make, 


And on top of that, your client roster is inconsistent.

Is this what running your own business was supposed to feel like? Where’s all this time that everyone is talking about?

Maybe you’re even struggling with the thought of giving up your business, because working a 9-5 just feels easier.

How many times have you...


🔷 Lowered your prices because you needed that next client?

🔷 Let your boundaries slide, out of fear of losing the clients you already have?

🔷 Taken on work you didn't like because you need the additional revenue? 

🔷 Didn’t trust your intuition that a client wasn’t a good fit, but took them on anyway?

🔷 Felt unhappy in your business?


That feeling of elation when you first started out has faded, and lately,

running an online business doesn't have the glamour that it used to. 

It Doesn't Have to be That Way!


When you choose to niche down your services and specialize in systems, everything can change.


By adding systems to your services list, you can:

✔️ Become known as the go-to in your industry 

✔️ Raise your hourly retainer and create packaged services

✔️ Cut out all the services you don't like doing  

✔️ Spend less time working and more time enjoying life             (because that's what this is supposed to be about, isn’t it?)

If you’re reading this, you might have even already tried to add system setups to your list.

Maybe you're stuck on:

❌ How to package your system setup offers,

❌ What your onboarding workflow should look like

❌ What to include in your packages

❌ How to actually price your services to sell

❌ How to stop your clients from scope creep

If only you could collapse time and have everything you need to know available to you so you can start scaling now.


So you can feel confident in offering system setups as a signature service.


So you can  love your business again.

How would your online business be different if you could…

Confidently craft an offer for a potential client that only includes what you actually like to do?

Inject extra revenue into your monthly income from one off projects along-side retainer clients?

Raise your rates because you're offering a specialty service?

Spend more time doing what you love instead of behind a desk completing administrative tasks?

I want you to know, it's all possible.

How do I know? 

Because a year ago, I was you.

❌ I was working all hours, trying to save enough so I could leave my 9-5 and not charging my worth.


Through trial and error, a lot of hard work and with a ton of research, I learned how to do system setups. 


I niched my offers, raised my rates and booked out my services.


Since then, I’ve perfected my process, and I want to help you collapse time in your business, by sharing what works with you.

Are you ready to learn how to do this too?


The unique hybrid program that teaches you the skills to add System Setups as a Signature Service, so you can raise your rates and start building the business of your dreams.


All under the full support of a group container & live learning sessions

What's included in the Program?


Learn the key fundamentals of Dubsado through a pre-recorded video series that you can watch at your own pace, so you can feel confident using the system, and also offering it to clients.

You'll also be guided through how to manage a client account who already uses the system, but just needs the maintenance.


You'll learn the fundamentals behind building an effective workflow for key industry partners that are most likely to use Dubsado. 

Through previously completed case studies, you'll learn what works and more importantly, what doesn't.


We'll develop and map out your own workflow from Lead Capture to Completion during weekly LIVE video calls, where you can ask questions and participate in the content that is being delivered.

We will outline key mistakes that you're making in your onboarding, develop your intake process and learn how to STOP that pesky scope creep!


We will construct your offers so they are aligned with your ideal client base. Delivery will take place through live training  and also through a live workshop session so you know you are fully supported and will walk away with clear direction to your questions.


After your offers are crafted, it's time to take a deep dive into pricing models. Inside this module we'll be covering the different ways to determine your pricing and industry best practices.


We'll discuss positioning yourself as an expert in your industry and some key ways to get in front of your ideal client. 

Because mindset is a key factor in your success, we'll also be covering the foundations you need to have in place to stay in your zone of genius.


This program is unique in that most modules will be taught LIVE. You'll walk away with the results you came for, if you participate in all the sessions and do your homework.

You'll also have the opportunity to participate in co-working workshop sessions and individual Q&A sessions, a part from the live modules.


You'll get additional bite-sized mini trainings not found anywhere else, from industry experts whose niche intertwines with the topics we'll be focusing on inside this course. 


You'll get my signature template starter pack to streamline your process, copy & go Asana project board along with sneak peak access to additional resources that will help you stand out in the industry as a leader.

Apply Now for Systems to Scale


✔️Pre-recorded technical modules (valued at $497)

✔️Customized process mapping session (valued at $397)

✔️8 Weeks of LIVE taught modules (valued at $997)

✔️Templates + Project Boards (valued at $297)

✔️Private Facebook Group (valued at $197)

✔️Guest Expert Trainings inside the private Facebook Group (valued at $297+)

✔️BONUS: Links to special resources from industry experts (valued at $97+)

Total Value = $2799


What Does it Mean if I Apply?


Applying doesn't mean obligation. I want to make sure this program is right for you! I would never pressure you into something you don't want, and would never sell you something you don't need.

Because you get such direct support inside this program, I'll be limiting the amount of group members for this launch to FIVE participants.

Applications close December 15th, and the Program starts January 7th.