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EASILY Create + integrate your Workflows

for Dubsado, following my simple

PLUG & PLAY process


Workflow Jumpstart is my easy to implement step-by-step process that teaches you how to setup your onboarding workflow without the overwhelm.

You wanted more time to spend on work

you actually like doing.



You wanted an easier way to track leads, onboard clients, and manage your projects....


So you signed up for Dubsado.


You were so excited that you finally had a program that could help you get organized!


Except that when you logged in, it was impossible to know where to start. 


Maybe you’ve managed to get your branding setup and your email integrated, but when it came to what to do next?


It left you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated


So you stopped trying. And if you’re being honest, you haven't touched it since.

Now things are getting busier, and you're tired of:

❌ Chasing invoices & contracts 

❌ All the back and forth emails to schedule meetings

❌ Feeling like your systems are sloppy and unprofessional

❌ Managing your business with multiple programs 

❌ Paying for a duck tape setup of systems - you already have an

      all-in-one platform, you just need to get it set up!


Does this sound familiar?


✔ You’ve tried to watch the training videos, but you just don't have hours to spend on learning it all,


✔ You could pay for a system setup, but you want to actually know HOW to set-up a workflow so you don't have to call for help every time there’s a tech glitch or you want to add a new offer,


✔ You thought you were tech savvy, but now self-doubt is creeping in and you're wondering if Dubsado is actually right for your business...

You need an EASIER way!


When it comes to setting up your workflows, I know how hard it is to:


1. Know where to start in building out your assets, and 

2. Create a smooth, professional onboarding

experience for your clients

Most people I’ve helped with their system setup are making one mistake..

❌ Jumping right to the setup before planning out their process

And once you jump right into the program without a plan, that's when the overwhelm happens. 


If you’re reading this, you’ve likely tried to set up your workflows at least once…


You know you have an amazing business that can transform customers' lives, but your onboarding process doesn't make you or your clients feel confident in your expertise. 


When it comes to your systems, I know how frustrating not knowing what to do next can feel. 


And learning everything from scratch takes forever and you just need to get it done yesterday. 

It’s time to end the overwhelm.

Imagine never having to feel stressed out and frustrated in setting up a new workflow again, because you have a step-by-step process that tells you exactly what you need to do next, with templates to speed up the process.


How would it feel to...

easily get the basics in place to onboard clients,

gain an understanding of how all the pieces work together

inside a group container for a fully supported experience,

instead of spending thousands of dollars for someone else to do it for you and still not know how to replicate the process?

How would your business be different if you could…

Confidently send out a proposal to a prospective client and know that it gives your business a professional appearance?

Not have to worry about chasing the contract or invoice?

EASILY create a new workflow every time you have a new offer, or add to an existing one because you know the process to take to  get it done?


Spend more time doing what you love instead of behind a desk completing administrative tasks?

I want you to know, it's all possible.


Jennifer Carfora, Graphic + Showit Web Designer

"Having my CRM setup has definitely improved my business. Now when potential clients sign up for my waitlist, they will automatically receive an email with what to expect. I am also able to create payment plans for new clients - definitely saves me time. Precious time I could be using marketing or working on client work!"

Are you ready to end the overwhelm?


The DIY Dubsado Mini-course + BONUS: 2 week group coaching container.

The easy to implement system that walks you through how to set up your onboarding workflow so you can quickly and easily start onboarding clients.


With two-weeks of full support inside a group container

Copy of 10 Free Logo Templates (1).png

What's included in Workflow Jumpstart?

Downloadable e-book that walks you through not one, but TWO individual onboarding workflows

  • Step by step workbook that walks you through my customizable system so you're never stuck on what to do next


Customizable templates to get you started on building out your assets

  • Canned email, proposal, questionnaire and lead capture form starter templates to complete your assets quickly + efficiently

  • Customizable Canva templates to copy & quickly design your own proposals


A section by section video walkthrough of each major step of the process

  • Bite sized visual walkthrough of the key elements to help you integrate your assets

  • Live demonstration on how to connect your workflow AND how to test it


Private Facebook Group

  • A place to ask questions about your specific workflows if you need a little extra support

  • Community of other entrepreneurs to connect with


BONUS: Links to special resources and links to discounts from industry experts

  • Canned email templates written by a professional copywriter

  • Links to recommended professional contract templates



Get your Workflow Jumpstart!

✔️Downloadable e-book with two mapped out workflows (valued at $1200)

✔️Customizable starter templates to build out your assets quickly + efficiently (valued at $247)

✔️A section by section video walkthrough of each step of the process (valued at $97)

✔️Canva templates (valued at $47)

✔️Private Facebook Group for additional support (valued at $297+)

✔️BONUS: Links to special resources from industry experts (valued at $97+)

Total Value = $1947


$197 Pre-Sale Pricing!*

*one-time introductory price available for a limited time


Offer Available November 27th!



  • The business owner who has a basic understanding of the individual pieces of Dubsado, but doesn’t have the time to devote to setting Dubsado up from scratch

  • The CEO who wants the professional feel of a smooth onboarding process, but doesn’t have the resources to spend upwards of $1k+ on their setup right now

  • The tech savvy executive who likes to DIY but doesn't have the time to devote to learning everything right now, and just needs a basic understanding of how to get an onboarding workflow in place



  • The business owner who wants a complete system setup - this is not that. You'll receive a downloadable e-book with links to bite sized video tutorials, pre-started templates and access to a Facebook group for support, but the focus is solely around how to get your system ready to onboard new clients.

  • Someone who needs a full workflow - this offer gives you access to two onboarding workflows, designed to get you set-up and using the software as soon as possible. 


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