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I design workflows that help you sell more and work less.

>>  Feeling like your systems

are a mess?

Does this sound like you?

 “I know I should be out there generating a new stream of leads, but I have too much to do behind the scenes and I can’t keep up." 

“I want to automate more, but I have no idea where to even start.” 

“Anytime I try to implement a new program to help streamline my business, I get so overwhelmed with the tech side of things." 

“I used to get excited to be in charge of my own time, but now it feels like all I do is work in my business.” 

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my clients

>>  What having properly integrated systems has done for

"I have peace of mind knowing that my clients who sign up for my course are going to have a great experience, all automated so I don't forget to do things when life gets busy!"

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>>  Hey!

i'm amanda

I’ve been where you are. Working all the time, overwhelmed by all the back-end tasks that left me feeling disorganized and like I wasn’t able to take care of my clients the way I wanted to.

When I finally took the leap and invested in my systems, my business transformed.  I started waking up excited to get to work because my never-ending list became manageable again.

>> Today, I help coaches and creatives implement the same automation, so they start enjoying their business (and their life) again.

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